The Road to Positive Work Cultures

Image of the book cover for 'The Road to Positive Work Cultures'
Author: Carol Huston, DPA, MSN, RN, FAAN
Publisher: Sigma Theta Tau International
Publication Date: 2020
ISBN 10: 1948057417
ISBN 13: 9781948057417
eISBN: 9781948057431
Edition: 1st
Nursing has been consistently lauded as the most trusted profession, but it has a dirty secret: As colleagues and employees, nurses often do not receive the same care and kindness they give to patients. In fact, many nursing cultures are at best unsupportive and at worst toxic. How do we change that? Positive work cultures don t happen by accident: Leaders must actively create and sustain them. In The Road to Positive Work Cultures, award-winning author and international nurse leader Carol Huston delineates strategies for shaping healthy work environments. What is a positive work culture, why is it needed, and how can leaders establish a climate of mutual respect? Huston explores these topics through the lens of her personal experiences and offers insights from thought leaders in workplace culture. This guide helps nurse leaders learn to maintain appropriate boundaries, build effective teams, avoid micromanaging, and reduce workplace stress.
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