Healing with Heart Inspirations for Health Care Professionals

Image of the book cover for 'Healing with Heart'
Author: Martin Helldorfer, D.MIN., Terri Moss
Affiliation: Washington State University Intercollegiate College of Nursing
Publisher: Moss Communications
Publication Date: 2007
ISBN 10: 0615143881
ISBN 13: 9780615143880
eISBN: 9780983301424
Edition: 1st
Healing with Heart, winner of the American Journal of Nursing 2008 Book of the Year award, is a one of a kind book written by a health care professional exclusively for health care professionals—whether they work at the bedside or support those who do. It uses everyday stories of life in hospitals, hospices, and medical offices to improve and deepen one’s interactions with coworkers, patients and their families. Healing With Heart is a truly transformational work of heart, spirit and common sense. The book’s selfless, warm, and personal tone confers a degree of dignity to everyone working in this very important field. Healing with Heart consists of short reflections covering subjects that can be appreciated especially by readers in the field. This gift-quality book is portable, accommodating readers who are on-the-go and want a quick, inspirational message before returning to work. This practical book awakens passion and provides health care professionals with a fresh perspective on work. Readers come away feeling that who they are and what they do is important, whatever their job may be. Author Martin Helldorfer is Senior Vice President, Mission for Exempla Healthcare. Healing with Heart embodies Martin’s unique experiences and perspective formed from years as a De la Salle monk and training as a clinical psychologist. How Hospitals, Health care Vendors and Patients Are Using Healing with Heart Hospitals use Healing with Heart in workshops and retreats on Leadership Effectiveness, Resilience, Avoiding Burnout, and Physician Development. They are starting their huddles and staff meetings with reflections like “Having an Attitude of Gratitude at Work,” “The Power of Connecting with Colleagues,” and “Teamwork and the Restless Attitude to Excel.” Hospitals are giving Healing with Heart as recognition, holiday and Staffing Week gifts; by health care vendors who wish to connect more meaningfully with their customers, and by patients to their favorite health care professionals in gratitude for caring for their loved ones.
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