R2 Digital Library FAQ’s

What Is The R2 Digital Library?

  • The R2 Digital Library SaaS database leverages the intersection where technology meets scientific, technical, and medical (STM) information aggregation.
  • Powered by a proprietary digital rights and content management system that indexes information using a medical keyword vocabulary, our subject-driven platform empowers users to search and access peer-reviewed, editorially vetted electronic publications from more than 110 STM publishers, all within a single query.
  • Save time and money with an aggregated database versus having to find and license content from individual publishers.
  • Usage analytics offer real-time updates, pricing transparency, and records of actual user access which empower informed purchases of titles in use, and not just requested.
  • The R2 Digital Library enables direct access to evidence-based knowledge and practices, which contribute to improved health outcomes, innovative research, and an enhanced educational experience.

How do You Purchase?

  • Shopping cart functionality provides seamless access and instant quoting. Check-out for immediate content access, we’ll invoice you.
  • Firm ordering: use sort and filter tools to select the content that makes sense for your institution and add to your shopping cart: choose from topics or curated special collections.
  • Augment your collection: enable evidence-based patron-driven acquisition (PDA) to keep your collection up-to-date and enable access to content your users might be interested in.
  • Enhance your collection with free OER eBooks.
  • What’s the cost? The annual platform subscription fee of $1,200 combined with the content by concurrent users is the cost of your initial purchase, view transparent pricing in the shopping cart.

How is the R2 Digital Library Accessed?

  • The R2 Digital Library can be accessed with any web-enabled device at www.r2library.com.
  • You need an account number to establish an R2 subscription.
  • Administrators will have a unique login which provides access to
    • Purchasing
    • Usage statistics
    • Access and authentication method
    • User Management
    • Users authenticate and can immediately access your collection at www.r2library.com or via a link created from within the software.

R2 Digital Library Database

  • The content purchased works together as a database, all content has medical terms tagged which creates topic-driven navigation.
  • More than 4 million medical images.
  • Video and multi-media content available.
  • Browse topics, publishers, or special collections to curate your database.

R2 Digital Library Collection Evolution:

  • When a new edition of an eBook is released to the R2 Digital Library, you still have access to an old edition of an eBook via your R2 Digital Library Archives.
  • You will be notified when a new edition is available for purchase.
  • Institutional Branding: add your unique logo and message.

Digital Rights Management

  • Any section can be printed, exported, emailed, or saved.
  • To comply with publishers’ copyright policies, during a session level, if an eBook receives more than 60 print or email requests or 20% of the total number of HTML pages that compromises the resource on the R2 Digital Library over a 24-hour period, then print functionality will be temporarily suspended for that resource.
  • Patrons will receive a notification upon crossing the 75% threshold of allowable print requests. If printing is suspended for a resource, all administrators associated with an account are notified.

Free Trial of the R2 Digital Library

  • To get started with an R2 Digital Library trial, you’ll need an active Rittenhouse account number. Don’t have one? Contact customerservice@r2library.com and a Rittenhouse Team member can help you get set up with an account and start your trial!
  • If you have an existing R2 Digital Library account, contact customerservice@r2library.com
  • Your users will have access to all health sciences eBooks on the R2 Digital Library.
  • Usage statistics can be viewed in real time throughout your trial to inform your purchase decisions.