Business Basics for Nurses

Image of the book cover for 'Business Basics for Nurses'
Author: Suzanne Waddill-Goad, DNP, MBA, RN, CEN
Publisher: Sigma Theta Tau International
Publication Date: 2017
ISBN 10: 194044618X
ISBN 13: 9781940446189
eISBN: 9781940446196
Edition: 1st
Business Basics for Nurses is a practical guide that informs and expands thinking for nurses considering or already involved in business. Written to stimulate and enhance creative thinking and showcase how business acumen will make any nurse a better practitioner, author Suzanne Waddill-Goad establishes that the behind-the-scenes business of healthcare can be just as important as clinical care. Filled with tips, exercises, and real-world case studies, Business Basics for Nurses is a shortcut to familiarity with business processes prevalent in healthcare systems today. This excellent resource provides guidance on: Evaluating business processes Understanding marketing, demonstrating leadership, and leveraging technology Determining value Building business plans Creating or assessing infrastructure Ensuring compliance, understanding finance, and capitalizing on expertise Influencing external and internal environments
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