Medical–Surgical Nursing Certification Review

Image of the book cover for 'Medical–Surgical Nursing Certification Review'
Author: Pam Collins, MSN, RN, CMSRN, MEDSURG-BC, NPD-BC
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication Date: 2023
ISBN 10: 0826138721
ISBN 13: 9780826138729
eISBN: 9780826138736
Edition: 1st
Note to Readers: Publisher does not guarantee quality or access to any included digital components if book is purchased through a third-party seller. Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Review: A Practical Guide is designed to help you prepare for both the MSNCB Certified Medical-Surgical Registered Nurse (CMSRN®) and ANCC Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification (MEDSURG-BC™) certification exams. This comprehensive study aid begins with information about the exams, legal and professional issues, and a homeostasis chapter focused on the core concepts of medical-surgical nursing and bedside emergencies. The remaining chapters are organized by body system and are presented in a concise, easy to follow format which includes pharmacology, laboratory, and diagnostic tables throughout. Relevant case studies, key takeaways, test-taking tips, and illustrations are incorporated to help clarify key concepts. Each chapter covers everything you need to know to pass the exam and includes end-of-chapter questions to check your knowledge. The review concludes with a full-length practice test to get you ready for exam day. With more than 300 practice questions, detailed review content and answer rationales, and access to ExamPrepConnect, this study aid empowers you with the tools and materials to study your way and the confidence to pass the first time, guaranteed! Know that you're ready. Know that you'll pass with Springer Publishing Exam Prep. Key Features *Reflects the latest MSNCB and ANCC exam blueprints *Provides a comprehensive yet concise review of essential knowledge for the exam **Features pharmacology, laboratory, and diagnostic tables to help organize information **Highlights case studies, key takeaways, and test-taking tips *Includes end-of-chapter Q&A and a full practice test with detailed rationales *Boosts your confidence with a 100% pass guarantee *Offers on-the-go digital access with ExamPrepConnect ExamPrepConnect—the digital study platform that guides you confidently through your exam prep journey. With this score-boosting study tool, you can: *Review all the high-quality content from the book *Get organized by using the personalized study plan based on your exam date *Study by topic to identify your strengths and weaknesses *Strengthen your knowledge with 325 practice questions and detailed answer rationales *Prepare for exam day with a full 3-hour timed practice test *Connect and chat with fellow med-surg test takers using the discussion board *Play games to make studying fun See access code details inside the book. CMSRN® is a registered service mark of the Medical-Surgical Nursing Certification Board (MSNCB). MSNCB does not sponsor or endorse this resource, nor does it have a proprietary relationship with Springer Publishing. MEDSURG-BC™ is a registered service mark of the American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC). ANCC does not sponsor or endorse this resource, nor does it have a proprietary relationship with Springer Publishing.
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