Fast Facts for Wound Care Nursing Practical Wound Management

Image of the book cover for 'Fast Facts for Wound Care Nursing'
Author: Trisha Myers, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN 10: 0826195024
ISBN 13: 9780826195029
eISBN: 9780826195098
Edition: 2nd
Simplifies the wound care process with clear, succinct information and the newest treatment protocols Freshly updated with the newest evidence-based techniques and protocols, this practical clinical resource distills the fundamentals of wound care for novice nurses and nurses new to wound care. This guide walks through the common, complex and atypical wounds nurses see and includes abundant full-color images. Chapters have been thoroughly revised and now contain critical updates in technological advances in wound care, dramatic changes in documentation and new Medicare and reimbursement guidelines. Fast Facts for Wound Care Nursing, Second Edition is an invaluable companion for the day-to-day care of wound patients, reinforcing knowledge needed in acute care, critical care, long-term care, homecare, operating room and outpatient settings. Written concisely in easy-to-access bulleted format with brief paragraphs, each chapter explains, step-by-step, the essential principles of wound care. Part I defines and describes the spectrum of wounds and the fundamentals of wound healing while Part II discusses how to assess, document and photograph wounds. Part III presents the newest treatments and protocols for wound care, and Part IV concludes with legal issues and regulations guiding safe and cost-effective wound care. New to the Second Edition: *Updated with key technological advances and treatments in wound care including stem cell and ionized silver products *Four new chapters! **The Phases of Wound Healing and Types of Wound Closure **Acute Wounds **Pressure Injuries **Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy *Covers new Medicare and reimbursement guidelines *Addresses qualifications and certification for wound care and faculty accreditation Key Features: *Written in succinct, easy-access format with bulleted information and brief paragraphs *Includes “Fast Facts” to highlight key concepts for essential care *Contains abundant information on wound care treatments and protocols to promote wound care accountability and clinical confidence *Provides full color images of different types of wounds *Helps nurses to provide optimal wound care cost-efficiently
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