Fast Facts: Heart Failure

Image of the book cover for 'Fast Facts: Heart Failure'
Author: Dariusz Korczyk, MD IntMedSpec(P) FRACP FCSANZ MHFA, Gerry Kaye, MBChB MD FRCP FRACP FHRS
Publisher: Karger
Publication Date: 2021
ISBN 10: 3318069884
ISBN 13: 9783318069884
eISBN: 9783318069891
Edition: 3rd
A better understanding of the mechanisms and pathophysiological pathways of heart failure (HF), improved management of associated comorbidities, and advances in identifying genetic cardiac disease have led to a near-revolution in the management of patients in terms of pharmacological treatments, surgery and devices. These developments have transformed outcomes and HF-associated mortality, and gene therapies further promise a brighter future for patients who experience the debilitating effects of HF. This new edition of 'Fast Facts: Heart Failure' starts with the definitions of HF (different types of HF require different treatments), then provides the latest thinking on mechanisms and clinical stages, underlying causes and the assessment and management of comorbidities. This is followed by simple diagnostic criteria and a comprehensive overview of investigations. The management chapters focus on the importance of self-care education and healthy lifestyle choices, together with the latest recommendations for pharmacological treatment, device therapy and cardiac surgery from international guidelines. The final chapter on developments is an indication of the ongoing innovation in this rapidly moving field.
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