Gender Confirmation Surgery Principles and Techniques for an Emerging Field

Image of the book cover for 'Gender Confirmation Surgery'
Author: Loren Schechter
Publisher: Springer Nature
Publication Date: 2020
ISBN 10: 3030290921
ISBN 13: 9783030290924
eISBN: 9783030290931
Edition: 1st
Gender confirming surgery represents one of many therapies for individuals with gender dysphoria and can be pivotal in allowing individuals to become their true selves. An emerging field, this text represents a continuing evolution of surgical techniques, as well as a framework around which surgical therapies are based. Providing a fundamental understanding of the surgical principles while also recognizing the fast-paced nature of the advances in technique, Gender Confirmation Surgery touches upon the challenges and complexities in the surgical care of transgender individuals, featuring detailed sections for transwomen and transmen surgeries, non-surgical options, and establishing educational programs. Written as a guide primarily for surgeons in plastics, urology, and gynecology, this book can also appeal to primary care practitioners, mental health professionals, and endocrinologists. By representing an evolution of technique and advances in the field, Gender Confirmation Surgery offers a framework around which practitioners can familiarize themselves with gender surgery.
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