Endoscopic Lateral Skull Base Surgery Principles, Anatomy, Approaches

Image of the book cover for 'Endoscopic Lateral Skull Base Surgery'
Author: Daniele Marchioni, MD, Livio Presutti, MD
Publisher: Thieme
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN 10: 3132412775
ISBN 13: 9783132412774
eISBN: 9783132414358
Edition: 1st
The quintessential state-of-the-art atlas on endoscopic approaches to the lateral skull base The endoscope has become a highly effective tool in the arsenal of ear and skull base surgeons. Endoscopic Lateral Skull Base Surgery: Principles, Anatomy, Approaches by endoscopic surgery masters Daniele Marchioni and Livio Presutti, reflects their development of innovative transcanalar approaches to the lateral cranial base using the external auditory canal as a surgical corridor. This unique atlas is designed to teach and clarify current and emerging endoscopic-assisted surgery approaches to the lateral skull base. The common goal of these cutting-edge procedures is to access and treat tumors located in the lateral cranial base via the most minimally-invasive endoscopic approach possible, thereby bypassing delicate cranial nerves, dural, cerebral, and vascular structures. Throughout 14 chapters, an impressive group of skull base surgeons share firsthand insights and expertise in areas vital to endoscopic skull base surgery.
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