Evidence-Based Surgery A Guide to Understanding and Interpreting the Surgical Literature

Image of the book cover for 'Evidence-Based Surgery'
Author: Achilles Thoma, Sheila Sprague, Sophocles Voineskos, Charles Goldsmith
Publisher: Springer Nature
Publication Date: 2019
ISBN 10: 3030051196
ISBN 13: 9783030051198
eISBN: 9783030051204
Edition: 1st
The purpose of this book specifically is to teach surgeons (academic or community), surgical fellows and surgical residents regardless of the surgical specialty, the skills to appraise what they read in the surgical literature. Surgeons need to be able to understand what they read before applying the conclusions of a surgical article to their practice. As most surgeons do not have the extra training in health research methodology, understanding how the research was done, how to interpret the results and finally deciding to apply them to the patient level is indeed a difficult task.
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