Johns Hopkins Nursing Professional Practice Model Strategies to Advance Nursing Excellence

Image of the book cover for 'Johns Hopkins Nursing Professional Practice Model'
Author: Deborah Dang, PhD, RN, NEA-BC, Judith Rohde, ScD, RN, NEA-BC, CSPHA, Jeannette Suflita, MA, MS
Publisher: Sigma Theta Tau International
Publication Date: 2017
ISBN 10: 1938835301
ISBN 13: 9781938835308
eISBN: 9781938835322
Edition: 1st
Do you have a work culture that fosters collaboration, stimulates innovation, and empowers nurses to achieve success in exceptional ways? In Johns Hopkins Nursing Professional Practice Model: Strategies to Advance Nursing Excellence, authors Deborah Dang, Judith Rohde, and Jeannette Suflita present a model proven to inspire professional nurses to deliver exceptional care delivery and outcomes. Whether you're a bedside nurse or an executive, you'll learn how to adapt the Johns Hopkins Nursing Professional Practice Model to your work setting. Packed with exemplars, self-assessment guides, planning tools, and lessons learned, this manual guides you in creating and sustaining an environment where professional nursing practices flourish. Learn practical strategies to: - Empower front-line nurses and encourage interprofessional collaboration - Build and implement programs that promote adaptation, ownership, and accountability - Establish practice and leadership standards - Structure organizations to foster leadership and advance nursing excellence With a focus on achievement, caring, empowerment, and influence, Johns Hopkins Nursing Professional Practice Model can help reshape the future of nursing.
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