Survivor's Obligation Navigating an Intentional Life

Image of the book cover for 'Survivor's Obligation'
Author: Chris Stricklin, Joel Neeb
Publisher: Elva Resa Publishing
Publication Date: 2019
ISBN 10: 1934617474
ISBN 13: 9781934617472
eISBN: 9781934617496
Edition: 1st
Chris Stricklin ejected from the F-16 he was piloting during a Thunderbird air show. Joel Neeb was diagnosed with a rare and often fatal cancer. Against the odds, both survived. Chris and Joel met years after their individual life-changing events and discovered they both had a desire to share their stories to help others. They resolved to fulfill what they call survivor's obligation-a responsibility to live an intentional life-for themselves and their families, and in honor of those who didn't get a second chance. In Survivor's Obligation, Chris and Joel share the true stories that transformed their lives. They explore the questions they asked themselves about why they received a second chance at life when others did not. Along their journey of healing, they discovered the power of gratitude, growth, and giving to help them navigate their everyday choice to live intentionally. Reflection questions in the back of the book allow readers to find connections in their own lives and inspiration for navigating an intentional life. A companion personal journal encourages readers to reflect on their own stories, create their own plans, and commit to living an intentional life.
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