Treating Depression with EMDR Therapy Techniques and Interventions

Image of the book cover for 'Treating Depression with EMDR Therapy'
Author: Arne Hofmann, MD, PhD, Luca Ostacoli, MD, Maria Lehnung, PhD, Michael Hase, MD, PhD, Marilyn Luber, PhD
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Publication Date: 2023
ISBN 10: 0826139655
ISBN 13: 9780826139658
eISBN: 9780826139665
Edition: 1st
Delivers the Evidence-Based Gold-Standard EMDR Protocol for Ameliorating Depression This groundbreaking book introduces EMDR-DeprEnd, a pathogenic memory-based EMDR therapy approach. DeprEnd has been demonstrated in a number of studies and meta-analyses to be at least as effective--and often more effective--than other guideline-based therapies in treating depression, including cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). EMDR-DeprEnd is particularly helpful with chronic and recurrent depression that does not respond well to other treatments. Written by the international research team who developed this quick-acting and efficient therapy, the text provides clinicians with the evidence-based tools they need to integrate EMDR-DeprEnd into their practices. This text explains in depth a step-by-step approach to processing the pathogenic memory structures that are the basis of most depressive disorders and ways to address both depressive and suicidal states. Real-world case studies incorporate the often-co-occurring trauma-based disorders found in depressive patients. These are practical "how-t" chapters, including one devoted to drawing integration with numerous examples of actual patient drawings as clients go through the EMDR process. Abundant illustrations enhance understanding of stress and trauma-based depressive disorders and the successful interventions that improve client outcomes. Protocol scripts for therapist and client also help prepare readers to provide optimal treatment to their clients. Key Features: *Authored by the international research team who developed this touchstone EMDR therapy treatment *Helps with chronic and recurrent depression especially if it is resistant to guideline-based treatments, including CBT *Demonstrates step-by-step how to apply the DeprEnd protocol using real-world case examples *Describes how EMDR's neurobiological working mechanism effectively treats depression *Includes protocol scripts and a review of randomized controlled trials related to EMDR and depression *Illustrates how DeprEnd protocol reduces depressive relapses
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