Functional Exercise Prescription in Movement, Rehabilitation and Sport

Image of the book cover for 'Functional Exercise Prescription in Movement, Rehabilitation and Sport'
Author: Eyal Lederman
Publisher: Handspring Publishing
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN 10: 1912085488
ISBN 13: 9781912085484
eISBN: 9781912085491
Edition: 1st
Functional Exercise Prescription in Movement Rehabilitation and Sport presents a revolutionary new approach for exercise prescription that provides personalised and condition-specific management. It focuses on how the individual's movement repertoire, including daily activities, can be amplified to provide personalised rehabilitation in many musculoskeletal and pain conditions. It also uses a Process model for exercise prescription, which enables the practitioner to construct a condition-specific management protocol. A Process Approach identifies three natural processes associated with recovery from any musculoskeletal and pain conditions - predominantly: repair, adaptation and modulation of symptoms. Each of these processes requires a unique management that extends to self-care and exercise. This book explains how to identify the individual's recovery process and how to develop exercise routines and physical challenges that are within the daily and sports activities of the individual ('the life gym'). The book will enhance the practitioner's understanding of movement rehabilitation science and provide practical tools to construct a tailor-made plan that will help expedite and optimise the individual's recovery.
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