Technological Addictions

Image of the book cover for 'Technological Addictions'
Author: Petros Levounis, M.D., M.A., James Sherer, M.D.
Publisher: American Psychiatric Association Publishing
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN 10: 1615372938
ISBN 13: 9781615372935
eISBN: 9781615372942
Edition: 1st
Technological Addictions is the first guide designed to provide insight and strategies to clinicians, patients, and families grappling with the collateral damage of technology's pervasiveness and pull. Mental health professionals are beginning to understand that video games, online pornography, internet gaming, internet gambling, and other technological pastimes can be every bit as addictive as substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and illicit drugs. Many of these technologies provide countless benefits and are integral to modern life, so identifying pathological use is a nuanced exercise. Petros Levounis is among the foremost experts on addiction and, together with coeditor James Sherer and a roster of prominent contributors have created a groundbreaking book that emphasizes the lived reality of the people who struggle with these addictions every day. In 10 rigorous yet down-to-earth chapters, the book explores the psychological and cultural context of each technology and related behavior, from social media to cybersex, and examines thoroughly the difference between healthy engagement with technology and addiction. This discussion is premised on the understanding that technology should not be rolled back or restricted but is an increasingly beneficial and even necessary part of modern life. Two chapters specifically focus on the way technology addictions impact particular populations, such as children and adolescents and older adults. Addiction to technology is emerging as a serious medical condition, not just an exaggeration of everyday social and personal ailments of the 21st century. Technological Addictions provides guidance found nowhere.
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