Breaking Free from Depression Pathways to Wellness

Image of the book cover for 'Breaking Free from Depression'
Author: Jesse Wright, MD, PhD, Laura McCray, MD
Affiliation: University of Louisville
Publisher: Guilford Press
Publication Date: 2012
ISBN 10: 1606239198
ISBN 13: 9781606239193
eISBN: 9781462502288
Edition: 1st
Leading psychiatrist/researcher Jesse Wright and his daughter Laura McCray, a family physician, have seen thousands of depressed patients in their practices -- and have learned that a range of different treatments work. Infused with warmth, optimism, and clinical know-how, this book presents simple yet powerful depression-fighting strategies that sufferers can try on their own. Drs. Wright and McCray offer a flexible menu of treatment ideas plus clear guidance for creating a personalized anti-depression action plan. Aided by helpful worksheets, quizzes, and stories, readers learn ways to break the cycle of negative thinking, restore energy and a sense of well-being, strengthen relationships, and make informed decisions about medications. Now depression sufferers can chart their own path to recovery, using the best tools science has to offer.
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