Image of the book cover for 'REIMBURSEMENT MANAGEMENT'
Author: AMA
Publisher: American Medical Association
Publication Date: 2011
ISBN 10: 1603592938
ISBN 13: 9781603592932
eISBN: 9781603597586
Edition: 1st
Understanding the reimbursement process is vital to today's practice. With the continuous addition of new rules and regulations, the reimbursement process has become ever more complicated. Newly developed, Reimbursement Management will help the medical practice understand the entire reimbursement system, and teach the user how to obtain the fullest reimbursement of claims possible and avoid allegations of improper claims. Useful to both the seasoned professional and the newest addition to the medical practice, Reimbursement Management will help the user become familiar with the reimbursement process and build confidence when handling reimbursement issues. Important issues contained in this book include: Insurance basics--help you understand the types of insurance plans and providers, methods of reimbursement, credentialing and more Compliance programs--teach you how to develop effective plans for staying in compliance HIPAA regulations--give an understanding of the rules and standards for the medical practice Benchmarking and monitoring reimbursement--to improve collection and reimbursement performance Appendixes--provide valuable information and links to organizations that keep you informed
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