Learning and Mastering Pharmaceutical Calculations

Image of the book cover for 'Learning and Mastering Pharmaceutical Calculations'
Author: Nicholas Ferencz, PharmD, PhD
Publisher: American Society of Health-System Pharmacists®
Publication Date: 2018
ISBN 10: 1585285420
ISBN 13: 9781585285426
eISBN: 9781585285433
Edition: 1st
A valuable supplement to any pharmacy math course or textbook, Learning and Mastering Pharmaceutical Calculations makes the process of sharpening critical calculation skills more efficient and effective for students and technicians at all levels of experience, as well as practitioners looking to refresh their skills. Written by Nicholas Ferencz, PharmD, PhD, this unique new workbook enhances the learning experience in several ways. Learners can assess their skills and choose the progressive learning paths that fit their needs, starting with the chapters that match their abilities. - Two pathways to learning: one covers basic concepts and skills for calculations and compounding; the other is advanced, with a progress test to measure aptitude. - Focus is on how to go about solving mathematical problems. - Problems presented in step-by-step phases, breaking complicated calculations into manageable stages for easier analysis. - Easy-to-follow outline format with statement of goals, key terms, worked problems, and solutions. - Additional review problems and solutions in appendix. - Calculations problems tied to all areas and aspects of pharmaceutical practice.
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