Prescribing Psychotropics From Drug Interactions to Pharmacogenetics

Image of the book cover for 'Prescribing Psychotropics'
Author: Chris Aiken, MD, Joshua Feder, MD, Daniel Carlat, MD
Publisher: Carlat Publishing, LLC
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN 10: 1732952264
ISBN 13: 9781732952263
eISBN: 9781732952270
Edition: 4th
Prescribing Psychotropics bridges the gap between the complexities of drug pharmacokinetics and everyday clinical practice, providing clinicians more insight into how psychiatric drugs behave (or misbehave!) once their patients take them. The book also includes a series of unusually practical charts and tables that prescribers will find invaluable as they make medication decisions. What you'll find inside: The basics of drug metabolism What you really need to know about drug interactions Food and drink effects on medications Recreational drug interactions Gender and drug metabolism Drug metabolism and ethnicity More than 70 quick-reference tables, charts, and figures.
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