Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Groups

Image of the book cover for 'Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in Groups'
Author: Peter Bieling, Randi McCabe, Martin Antony
Publisher: Guilford Press
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN 10: 1462549845
ISBN 13: 9781462549849
eISBN: 9781462550029
Edition: 2nd
The leading guide to group-based cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) has now been significantly revised with 70% new material, reflecting over 15 years of research and clinical advances. Too often, CBT training resources treat groups as simply an extension of individual therapy. Filling an important need, this text helps students and practitioners build essential skills for leveraging group process to optimize outcomes. Featuring sample dialogues, clinical pointers, and troubleshooting tips, the book provides practical answers to group leaders' most pressing questions. Effective protocols for treating specific disorders are presented, with a focus on CBT techniques and group process factors unique to each type of group. New to This Edition *Chapters on inpatient groups and mindfulness-based CBT. *Chapters on additional disorders: posttraumatic stress disorder and borderline personality disorder. *Fully rewritten chapters on anxiety disorders, substance use disorders, and psychosis. *Discussions of timely topics, such as conducting virtual groups and the growth of transdiagnostic approaches. *Even more clinician friendly; streamlined chapters highlight "what to do when."
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