Equipment For Respiratory Care

Image of the book cover for 'Equipment For Respiratory Care'
Author: Teresa Volsko, MHHS, RRT, FAARC, Robert Chatburn, MHHS, RRT-NPS, FAARC, Mohamad El-Khatib, MD, PhD, MBA, RRT
Affiliation: Director, Respiratory Care, Transport, and the Communication Center, Akron Children's Hospital
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication Date: 2016
ISBN 10: 1449652832
ISBN 13: 9781449652838
eISBN: 9781449601959
Edition: 1st
Equipment For Respiratory Care is changing the paradigm of historic respiratory care equipment books. Focusing on the principles of the equipment and then concluding with in-depth discussion and practical solutions to complex problems, this focus on the clinical application of patient care enhances key critical thinking skills with clear explanations of the features of the equipment as well as the way it functions. New Approach - Emphasis on clinical application rather than engineering technical detail to drive critical thinking Provides students with the tools to approach equipment troubleshooting rather than have to rely on textbook algorithms Includes Case-based critical thinking modules provide the opportunity to develop decision making skills Provides an easy to use, logical approach to tackling clinical or patient and technical problems Helps students select the most appropriate equipment determined by patient need among similar technologies Includes illustrations from the user’s point of view will focus on how the operator needs to interact with the equipment Follows AARC Clinical Practice Guidelines
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