Clinical Application of Mechanical Ventilation

Image of the book cover for 'Clinical Application of Mechanical Ventilation'
Author: David Chang, Ed.D., RRT–NPS
Affiliation: University of South Alabama, Mobile
Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning
Publication Date: 2014
ISBN 10: 1111539588
ISBN 13: 9781111539580
eISBN: 9781285667348
Edition: 4th
CLINICAL APPLICATION OF MECHANCIAL VENTILATION, FOURTH EDITION integrates fundamental concepts of respiratory physiology with the day-to-day duties of a respiratory care professional. Utilizing the wide degree of topics covered, including airway management, understanding ventilator waveforms, and addressing critical care issues, readers have the best resource available for understanding mechanical ventilation and its clinical application. Enhancing the learning experience are valuable illustrations of concepts and equipment, highlighted key points, and self-assesment questions in NRBC format with answers. Whether preparing for the national exam or double-checking a respiratory care calculation, this book provides the fundamental principles of repsiratory care with the clinical guidance necessary for mechanical ventilation.
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