Curren's Math for Meds Dosages & Solutions

Image of the book cover for 'Curren's Math for Meds'
Author: Anna Curren, RN, MA, Margaret Witt, BSN, MPT, DPT
Affiliation: Former Associate Professor of Nursing, Long Beach City College,Long Beach, CA
Publisher: Delmar Cengage Learning
Publication Date: 2015
ISBN 10: 1111540918
ISBN 13: 9781111540913
eISBN: 9781285974286
Edition: 11th
Now in its 11th Edition, CURREN'S MATH FOR MEDS: DOSAGES AND SOLUTIONS is the preeminent authority on drug dosage calculations, ratio and proportion, and medication safety. Often imitated yet never equaled, the book delivers proven material with a concisely organized approach that takes you from basic to complex using a building block approach. . Coverage begins with chapters designed to review and confirm basic math principles. Common drug measures are introduced next, followed by detailed lessons on medication labels and dosage calculations. Instructions on body weight and body surface area, intravenous calculations, and pediatric medication calculations follow. This new edition of CURREN'S MATH FOR MEDS: DOSAGES AND SOLUTIONS features full-color photos of drug labels and syringes, as well as hundreds of examples, practice problems, self-test questions, and FREE online interactive software for developing learners into safe and effective practitioners. Deliver your course with help from the master, Anna Curren, and CURREN'S MATH FOR MEDS: DOSAGES AND SOLUTIONS, 11th Edition-the only calculations text to reach more than a million learners!
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