Dimensional Analysis for Meds Refocusing on Essential Metric Calculations

Image of the book cover for 'Dimensional Analysis for Meds'
Author: Anna Curren
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication Date: 2023
ISBN 10: 1284248623
ISBN 13: 9781284248623
eISBN: 9781284248678
Edition: 6th
Dosage calculation is an essential skill for students embarking on a career in nursing. This topic can be very challenging and intimidating for students, however, veteran author, Anna Curren breaks down this subject using the dimensional analysis method which reduces all calculations into a single, easy-to-solve equation. This takes the fear-factor out of manual math altogether. Many students have raved about how previous editions of this text helped them through their medical math course and succeed in clinical practice. The Sixth Edition of Dimensional Analysis for Meds: Refocusing on Essential Metric Calculations has been streamlined to present only the essential information. The first chapter begins with an overview of the metric system; as Curren states, 98% of all calculations involve metric measures. The text is structured to feature content in small instructional steps followed by assessments to reinforce what has been learned. In an effort to prevent annual hospital drug dose errors, the latest drug dosage abbreviations and metric notations are included giving nurses the knowledge they need to safely care for their patients. Key Features * New chapter Introduction to IV Therapy covers intravenous medication titration and IV infusions * Pediatric dosage information appears side-by-side with adult dosages * Video assets guide students through dimensional analysis calculations Navigate Premier Access
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