PeriAnesthesia Nursing Core Curriculum Preprocedure, Phase I and Phase II PACU Nursing

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Author: Lois Schick, MN, MBA, RN, CPAN, CAPA, FASPAN, Pamela Windle, DNP, RN, NE-BC, CPAN, CAPA, FAAN, FASPAN
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Publication Date: 2021
ISBN 10: 032360918X
ISBN 13: 9780323609180
eISBN: 9780323639743
Edition: 4th
Prepare to succeed on the CPAN? and CAPA? exams with this authoritative guide from ASPAN!?PeriAnesthesia Nursing Core Curriculum, 4th Edition is a comprehensive reference that helps you care for patients before and after anesthesia in all types of settings. Coverage of the full scope of perianesthesia nursing makes it an ideal resource for both inpatient and outpatient care. To keep you current on the many facets of perianesthesia, this edition also describes the newest advances in interventional radiology, robotics, and endoscopy procedures. Written by the American Society of PeriAnesthesia Nurses (ASPAN) and edited by respected perianesthesia nurses Lois Schick and Pam Windle, this book will help you build the skills and expertise you need to excel on your certification exam and in practice. *Perianesthesia Complications chapter now appears after the System Competencies section to quickly display complications for all system competencies in one spot to help you find this vital information easily. *System Competencies chapters have been updated to focus on specific, non-redundant topics to help you grasp key points right away. *UPDATED! Certification of Perianesthesia Nurses and Testing Concepts and Strategies appendicies provide helpful tools for CPAN? or CAPA? certification to assist you to prepare for these exams. *This authoritative guide written by ASPAN covers the full scope of perianesthesia practice to help you prepare to succeed in practice and on the CPAN? and CAPA? exams. *Easy-to-use outline format serves as a quick review and reference. *Objectives at the beginning of each chapter focus on key content to allow you to use the book more effectively. *Plentiful boxes, tables and illustrations highlight important references to ensure you get the most out of the book's mutifaceted topics. *A bibliography at the end of every chapter provides additional resources to make it easy for you to research at an in-depth level. *NEW! Two-color and two-column design arranges information logically to help you quickly find key information. *NEW! Content on enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), gender diversity, DNR/DNAR/DNI, and the drug Bridion? (sugammadex) showcases a wide variety of important topics to help you gain a deep understanding of the spectrum of perianesthesia. *NEW! Updated content reflects changes in the ASPAN Core Curriculum as well as CPAN? and CAPA? testing to ensure you stay current in perianesthesia in the classroom and in clinicals.
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