Essentials Of Health, Culture, And Diversity Understanding People, Reducing Disparities

Image of the book cover for 'Essentials Of Health, Culture, And Diversity'
Author: Mark Edberg, PhD
Affiliation: Associate Professor, The George Washington University Milken Institute School of Public Health
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication Date: 2013
ISBN 10: 0763780456
ISBN 13: 9780763780456
eISBN: 9781449683238
Edition: 1st
Published in partnership with the American Public Health Association, this newest offering in the Essential Public Health series examines what is meant by culture, the ways in which culture intersects with health issues, how public health efforts can benefit by understanding and working with cultural processes, and a brief selection of conceptual tools and research methods that are useful in identifying relationships between culture and health.Essentials of Health, Culture, and Diversity includes practical guidelines for incorporating cultural understanding in public health settings, and examples of programs where that has occurred.
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