Out of the Crucible How the US Military Transformed Combat Casualty Care in Iraq and Afghanistan

Image of the book cover for 'Out of the Crucible'
Author: Arthur Kellermann, MD, MPH, Eric Elster, MD
Publisher: Department of the Army
Publication Date: 2017
ISBN 10: 0160941792
ISBN 13: 9780160941795
eISBN: 9780160941788
Edition: 1st
During the last decade, the US Military Health System-while caring simultaneously for combatants fighting two wars and for millions of service members, dependents, and military retirees at home- completely transformed its approach to combat casualty care. From the point of injury on the battlefield to rehabilitation and reintegration of wounded warriors into their communities, military innovators rapidly devised, implemented, refined, and spread new techniques and technologies throughout the force. They were able to succeed because the Military Health System was willing to learn from its failures and build on its successes. Through a mix of observation and the systematic collection and analysis of data (most notably, creation of the Joint Trauma System), military medicine continually improved. Primarily written by the military providers responsible for innovations in each field, this 44- chapter book documents each of these advances and provides stories of individual service members who benefited from them.
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