Emergency Medicine Reports LLSA Exam Study Guide 2017

Image of the book cover for 'Emergency Medicine Reports LLSA Exam Study Guide 2017'
Author: Sandra Schneider, MD, FACEP
Publisher: Relias Media
Publication Date: 2016
ISBN 10: 1941481272
ISBN 13: 9781941481271
eISBN: 9781941481271
Edition: 1st
The book contains articles or a summary from the American Board of Emergency Medicine-selected reading list for the ABEM Lifelong Learning and Self-Assessment Exam so that physicians who specialize in emergency medicine can prepare for the test. It comes with the chance to earn 38 hours of continuing education credits. With tens of thousands sold, this specific Study Guide is widely recognized as a dependable, authoritative and convenient resource that provides you with what you need to prepare for the 2017 LLSA exam.
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