Basic, High-Risk, and Critical-Care Intrapartum Nursing

Image of the book cover for 'Basic, High-Risk, and Critical-Care Intrapartum Nursing'
Author: AWHONN
Publisher: Association of Women's Health, Obstetric and Neonatal Nurses (AWHONN)
Publication Date: 2019
ISBN 10: 1938299582
ISBN 13: 9781938299582
eISBN: 9780015607579
Edition: 6th
This new resource is written for all perinatal clinicians who provide care to pregnant women whether they identify, stabilize and transfer or care for the woman with high-risk or critical care conditions. This book provides information needed to plan and promote safe effective care for women with complex conditions. Fully updated content includes new chapters on maternal morbidity and mortality, strategies to improve maternal outcomes, critical care development strategies, volume resuscitation, triage, morbidly adherent placenta and more.
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