Author: Thomas Lang, MA
Affiliation: Tom Lang Communications and Training
Publisher: American College of Physicians
Publication Date: 2010
ISBN 10: 1934465143
ISBN 13: 9781934465141
eISBN: 9781934465592
Edition: 1st


Presented in a clear and concise manner, this new book shares with readers the important information and guidelines on successfully publishing or presenting work in medicine and the health sciences, and how to avoid the pitfalls that often lead to rejection letters or poorly conceived presentations. Suitable for readers who are contemplating publishing or presenting their work for the first timeas well as more seasoned professionals who want to maximize efficiency and obtain better results, this now book is sure to become the standard reference on professional communications.

Table of Contents

Front Matter

  • About the Author

CHAPTER 1: An Overview of Writing and Publishing in the Health Sciences

  • A Brief History of Scientific Publications
  • Types of Scientific Articles
  • Types of Journals
  • Electronic Publications
  • Books
  • The Future
  • References
  • Additional Resources

PART I How to Write in the Health Sciences

    CHAPTER 2: How to Write Effectively: Making Reading Easier

    • Moving from Practice Writing to Applied Writing
    • Qualities of Effective Writing
    • Attending to Your Readers
    • Attending to Your Subject
    • How to Make Your Writing Effective
    • A Note about Readability Formulas
    • References
    • Additional Resources

    CHAPTER 3: How to Write Efficiently: Making Writing Easier

    • Preparing to Write
    • The Process of Writing
    • Collaborative Writing
    • References
    • Additional Resources

    CHAPTER 4: How to Display Data in Tables and Graphs

    • Common Components of Tables and Graphs
    • Choosing between Tabular and Graphic Displays
    • General Principles for Displaying Data
    • Tables and How to Design Them
    • Graphs and How to Design Them
    • Specific Applications of Tables and Graphs
    • References
    • Additional Resources

    CHAPTER 5: How to Write an Abstract

    • The Purpose of Abstracts
    • The Problems of Abstracts
    • Publication Abstracts
    • Meeting Abstracts
    • Steps in Writing Abstracts
    • Ways to Reduce Word Counts
    • References
    • Additional Resources

    CHAPTER 6: How to Write a Grant Proposal

    • An Overview of the Grant Proposal Process
    • Types of Grant Proposals
    • Developing a Grant Proposal
    • Characteristics of Successful and Unsuccessful Proposals
    • Industry-Sponsored Research
    • References
    • Resources

    CHAPTER 7: How to Write a Journal Article Reporting Original Research

    • Getting Oriented
    • Preparing the Title Page
    • Writing the Title
    • Writing the Abstract
    • Key Words and Abbreviations
    • Writing the Introduction
    • Writing the Methods Section
    • Writing the Results Section
    • Writing the Discussion Section
    • Writing the Acknowledgments
    • Citing and Organizing References
    • Organizing Tables and Figures
    • Presenting Equations
    • References
    • Additional Resources

PART II How to Publish in the Health Sciences

    CHAPTER 8: Ethics in Research and Publishing

    • Ethics in Conducting Research
    • Scientific Misconduct
    • Ethics in Writing
    • Ethics in Publishing
    • References
    • Other Resources

    CHAPTER 9: How to Prepare Drawings and Photographs for Publication

    • Planning Drawings and Photographs
    • Preparing Drawings: “Line Art”
    • Preparing Photographs and “Continuous-Tone” Art
    • Submitting Digital Images for Publication
    • Submitting Print Images for Publication
    • Submitting Audio and Video Clips
    • References
    • Other Resources

    CHAPTER 10: How to Document Biomedical Images for Publication*

    • Components of Image Documentation
    • Image Enhancement and Modification
    • Implications of Diagnostic Images
    • Characteristics of Clinical Images
    • Guidelines for Documenting Clinical Images
    • Characteristics of Laboratory Images
    • Guidelines for Documenting Laboratory Images
    • References
    • Additional Resources

    CHAPTER 11: How to Publish in a Scientific Journal

    • Characteristics of Scientific Journals
    • Beginning the Publication Process
    • Submitting Your Manuscript
    • The Peer Review Process
    • The Editor’s Decision
    • The Production Process
    • After Publication
    • A Note for Non-Native English Speakers
    • References
    • Other Resources

PART III How to Present in the Health Sciences

    CHAPTER 12: How to Prepare and Present a Scientific Poster

    • An Overview of Poster Displays
    • Preparing the Poster
    • What to Do at the Conference
    • References
    • Recommended Reading

    CHAPTER 13: How to Prepare and Present Slides

    • Communicating with Slides
    • Designing Slides
    • Preparing Images
    • Visual and Audio Effects
    • Organizing and Writing the Text
    • Software Considerations
    • Hardware Considerations
    • Delivering Your Lecture
    • References
    • Other Resources

Appendix The Value of Systematic Reviews as Research Activities in Medical Education