Handbook of Treatment Planning in Radiation Oncology This title has been archived.

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Author: Gregory Videtic, MD, CM, FRCPC, Andrew Vassil, MD
Affiliation: Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, OH
Publisher: Demos
Publication Date: 2011
ISBN 10: 1933864524
ISBN 13: 9781933864525
eISBN: 9781935281580
Edition: 1st
The Handbook of Radiation Treatment Delivery is a focused pocket-sized handbook designed for Radiation Oncology trainees and Residents, to serve as an up-to-date, quick resource to lead them through all of the standard steps to plan and deliver radiotherapy for all major malignancies. The goal of the Handbook is to provide evidence-based information but also to be reflective of the knowledge gained through experience in practice. All chapters represent a joint collaboration between residents and staff radiation oncologists in the Department of Radiation Oncology at the Cleveland Clinic. Throughout the Handbook, the focus is on a series of steps to follow in order to successfully complete effective radiotherapy planning. Sections are organized by body site or system, whichever proved best for consistency in presenting the general principles of planning. Also included are specialized topics such as palliative therapy and pediatrics. After a discussion of general planning requirements, each specific subsite within a given section then provides more specific details on approaches to radiotherapy planning. The Handbook will be attractive to trainees at every level (including medical students, residents, fellows and researchers) and also be of use to practitioners in the community. Features of The Handbook of Radiation Treatment Delivery include: A focus on a consistent, step by step approach to radiotherapy planning Content is present in a bulleted format for ease of review The text is extensively supported by color images The Handbook is pocket-sized for portability.
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