CDT 2023: Current Dental Terminology

Image of the book cover for 'CDT 2023: Current Dental Terminology'
Author: ADA
Publisher: American Dental Association
Publication Date: 2023
ISBN 10: 1684471737
ISBN 13: 9781684471737
eISBN: 9781684471744
Edition: 1st
CDT 2023: Current Dental Terminology, from ADA, the source of the CDT codes, includes the book, e-book and mobile app for devices and desktops. The 2023 edtiion includes updates across eight categories, with 22 new codes, 14 revisions, and 2 deletions. Features new codes for: Intraoral tomosynthesis and 3D surface scans; HPV vaccine administration; Guided tissue regeneration; Intraoral radiograph images; Gingival flap procedures; Full mouth debridement; Gingival irrigation.
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