Health Policy Issues An Economic Perspective

Image of the book cover for 'Health Policy Issues'
Author: Paul Feldstein, Glenn Melnick
Affiliation: University of California, Irvine
Publisher: Health Administration Press
Publication Date: 2023
ISBN 10: 1640553428
ISBN 13: 9781640553422
eISBN: 9781640553392
Edition: 8th
Health Policy Issues: An Economic Perspective uses concise, topical chapters to provide a comprehensive overview of the forces influencing healthcare financing and delivery. Concerns over health equity and the rise in healthcare costs are just a few of the timely and vital issues that are discussed through the lens of economics. Each chapter includes a clear explanation of the topic, diagrams and charts to aid comprehension, and a summary and discussion questions at the end. This eighth edition has been revised to reflect the most recent research and data, as well as changes in laws and government policies. A new chapter compares the US health system to those of five European countries. New and updated content includes coverage of: *Current Medicare proposals *COVID's effect on medical services delivery *Medicaid effectiveness *Strategies for addressing the physician shortage *Affordable Care Act updates *Health Policy Issues shows how the economic approach to healthcare policy is important not only for understanding the structural and dynamic forces pressing for change in healthcare but also for explaining why the health system has evolved to its current state.
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