Economics for Healthcare Managers

Image of the book cover for 'Economics for Healthcare Managers'
Author: Robert Lee
Publisher: Health Administration Press
Publication Date: 2019
ISBN 10: 1640550488
ISBN 13: 9781640550483
eISBN: 9781640550513
Edition: 4th
Good management requires a fundamental understanding of economics. In the rapidly changing healthcare landscape, economics can provide a road map for managers looking to effectively navigate strategic, goal-oriented decisions while also improving population health outcomes.Economics for Healthcare Managers provides the practical guide that healthcare managers need to simplify and strengthen the decision-making process for everyday issues. Written for those with little or no background in economics, the book is designed to engage readers in today's policy and management challenges. The author references classic studies while also drawing on current research and emphasizing contemporary analyses.As the purview of healthcare managers has expanded significantly, this edition has been updated to reflect their evolving role. Featuring 17 new case studies, the book incorporates recent changes in health policy and research, including new and revised content on: ¿Realizing the Triple Aim ¿Profits, market structure, and market power¿Regulations of the Affordable Care Act ¿Health insurance and the move toward value-based payments¿The healthcare financing system and alternative payment mechanismsThe book combines extensive cases with exercises and other special features to engage readers and facilitate active learning. These resources give students in the classroom the opportunity to tackle the kinds of challenging economic issues they can expect to face during their careers as healthcare managers.Economics for Healthcare Managers introduces cutting-edge thinking about the economics of policy and management and provides future healthcare managers with the strong foundation they will need in this critical discipline
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