Introduction to Health Policy

Image of the book cover for 'Introduction to Health Policy'
Author: Leiyu Shi
Publisher: Health Administration Press
Publication Date: 2019
ISBN 10: 1640550259
ISBN 13: 9781640550254
Edition: 2nd
Healthcare needs in the United States are challenging and continuously evolving. As a result, healthcare is a constant priority for leaders at the federal, state, and local levels. Healthcare leaders that have a strong understanding of the basics of health policy are optimally positioned to improve health and healthcare in both their organizations and in their communities. Introduction to Health Policy uniquely integrates an introductory overview of health policymaking with an examination of critical policy-related issues, research and evaluation methods, and international perspectives. Author Leiyu Shi, a prominent expert in the field, provides a basic introduction to key terms and the determinants of health and policy. He then explores the varied world of policymaking, ranging from multiple government levels, to the private sector, to the international stage. Policy-based attempts to address determinants of health-social, behavioral, and medical-are then explored. The book concludes by examining policy research and analysis. Dr. Shi addresses various types of healthcare provisions, including public health, managed care, ambulatory care, extended care, and acute care in a hospital setting. Discussion questions and real-world cases and examples bring theories and concepts to life. This second edition features: New and updated case studies in each chapter Diversified international coverage, with policymaking examples from Canada, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Australia, and China Current information on health policy research The latest developments in healthcare reform ¿New content on the impact of the Affordable Care Act, patient-centered medical homes, accountable care organizations, precision medicine and big data, and moreThis introductory book breaks down the complexity of health policy for future healthcare leaders who need a better understanding of how policy affects organizations and communities and how they themselves can influence health policymaking.
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