The Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists

Image of the book cover for 'The Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists'
Author: JCR
Publisher: Joint Commission Resources
Publication Date: 2023
ISBN 10: 1635853214
ISBN 13: 9781635853216
eISBN: 9781635853223
Edition: 3rd
Checklists are proven tools for getting things done-and more importantly, getting things done the right way every time. By providing a standardized approach, checklists simplify complex tasks and processes. When used consistently and correctly, a well- developed checklist can help ensure safe patient care. This updated third edition of the best-selling Joint Commission Big Book of Checklists includes new and revised checklists, tools, and templates for health care organizations to use and customize. There are checklists for a myriad of tasks, including accreditation preparation, continuous compliance, and performance improvement. New topics in this third edition include health care worker safety, workplace violence prevention and mitigation, cybersecurity, telehealth, health care equity, and much more. These tried-and-true checklists help organizations evaluate tasks and processes, provide guidance for decision-making, and itemize procedure steps and required "to-dos." The book also includes checklist templates and encourages health care organizations to build their own checklists to tackle organization-specific challenges.
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