Health Care Worker Safety Checklists Protecting Those Who Serve

Image of the book cover for 'Health Care Worker Safety Checklists'
Author: JCR
Publisher: Joint Commission Resources
Publication Date: 2020
ISBN 10: 1635851017
ISBN 13: 9781635851014
Edition: 1st
Health care organizations are committed to the safety of the patients receiving care, treatment, and services. Health care organizations are also committed to the safety of those who serve those patients--health care workers, whether they be nurses, physicians, medical technicians, pharmacists, lab workers, housekeeping staff. This new book from The Joint Commission pulls together a collection of checklists to keep those health care workers safe from chemical and physical hazards, infectious agents, workplace violence, ergonomic problems, work-related stress, and more. The checklists are built upon authoritative guidelines from OSHA, NIOSH, CDC, and others and are intended to simplify health care worker safety. Most of the checklists are intended for use by health care workers themselves, depending upon their clinical or other responsibilities. Some of the checklists are intended for management to ensure that policies, procedures, and resources are in place to ensure health care worker safety in all areas of the organization. All of the checklists are straightforward and easy to use and understand and cover the key areas of risk for health care workers. Each section of checklists is introduced by compelling statistics that show how dangerous working in the health care environment can be, without proper precautions. The checklists provide the procedures or must-do activities to ensure that health care workers are as safe as can be.
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