Counseling in Communication Disorders Facilitating the Therapeutic Relationship

Image of the book cover for 'Counseling in Communication Disorders'
Author: Cyndi Stein-Rubin, MS, CCC, TSSLD-SLP, CTA Certified Coach, Beryl Adler, MS, CCC, TSSH-SLP
Publisher: Slack Incorporated
Publication Date: 2017
ISBN 10: 1630912719
ISBN 13: 9781630912710
eISBN: 9781630912734
Edition: 1st
Incorporating a counseling paradigm has been shown to increase motivation, deepen learning, and sustain progress for clients and families. Counseling in Communication Disorders: Facilitating the Therapeutic Relationshipby Cyndi Stein-Rubin and Beryl T. Adler, is an engaging textbook, written in a genuine and lively tone, so that the reader may easily relate to the material. The text provides a practical vehicle for speech-language pathology students, clinicians, clinical supervisors, and instructors to get to know themselves better and to integrate basic counseling attitudes and tools into their diagnostic and therapeutic programs.
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