Head and Neck Cancer Care in a Pandemic Prioritizing Safe Care

Image of the book cover for 'Head and Neck Cancer Care in a Pandemic'
Author: Daniel Deschler, Shaun Nguyen, Babak Givi, Cherie-Ann Nathan, Maie St. John, Terry Day, Christopher de Souza
Affiliation: Massachusetts Eye and Ear Hospital, Boston, MA
Publisher: PMPH USA, Ltd
Publication Date: 2021
ISBN 10: 1607953064
ISBN 13: 9781607953067
eISBN: 9781607959786
Edition: 1st
Head and Neck Cancer Care in a Pandemic: Prioritizing Safe Care is an up-to-the-moment, comprehensive reference for addressing the complex problems inherent in delivering optimal cancer treatment during a pandemic. Written during the crisis, a major motivation for its publication is the simple fact that delaying treatments for cancers is frequently not an option. This outstanding volume is unique for its inclusive authorship: contributors represent the heads of renowned departments in leading institutions, residents, fellows, and medical students on the front lines of the pandemic. While providing vital and time-sensitive cancer patient care, the authors have documented lessons learned battling serious diseases and co-morbidities during the COVID-19 emergency. In addition to an emphasis on the surgical issues of specific diseases, Head and Neck Cancer Care in a Pandemic looks at multidisciplinary patient management, education, social issues impacts, and general considerations such as telemedicine and protective equipment. The editors have arranged the text in six sections: * General Considerations; * Patient Management Considerations; * Subsite-Specific Considerations (Mucosal); * Subsite-Specific Considerations (Nonmucosal); * Education in the COVID-19 Era; * Social Issues in the COVID-19 Era Clinicians, investigators, and students will discover this rare achievement in medical textbooks is a valuable resource in the practice of oncologic care in the COVD-19 era.
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