HIV Pharmacotherapy The Pharmacist's Role in Care & Treatment

Image of the book cover for 'HIV Pharmacotherapy'
Author: Jason Schafer, PharmD, MPH, BCPS, AAHIVP, Jennifer Cocohoba, PharmD, MAS, BCPS, AAHIVP, Elizabeth Sherman, PharmD, AAHIVP, Alice Tseng, PharmD, FCSHP, AAHIVP
Publisher: American Society of Health-System Pharmacists®
Publication Date: 2018
ISBN 10: 1585285765
ISBN 13: 9781585285761
eISBN: 9781585285778
Edition: 1st
Pharmacists now have a new resource to help expand their HIV knowledge, guide their treatment, and provide comprehensive care. HIV Pharmacotherapy: The Pharmacist's Role in in Care and Treatment by Jason J. Schafer, with Jennifer Cocohoba, Elizabeth Sherman, and Alice Tseng, is the first of its kind to provide pharmacists with a consolidated resource for offering care to patients with HIV infection, including diagnosis, primary care, pharmacological management of co-infections, and more. This resource will help prepare pharmacists to take a lead role in the care and treatment of patients with HIV, and will be a valuable guide for students, residents, and clinical pharmacists to build expertise in tailoring antiretroviral regimens to maximize effectiveness and adherence and reduce drug interactions and side effects. The role of the pharmacist on the HIV health care team is evolving to meet the changing needs of HIV patients. Learn about the latest key concepts, expertise and best practices for clinical decision making.
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