Medical Management of Type 1 Diabetes

Image of the book cover for 'Medical Management of Type 1 Diabetes'
Author: M. Kirkman, MD
Publisher: American Diabetes Association
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN 10: 1580407706
ISBN 13: 9781580407700
eISBN: 9781580407731
Edition: 8th
Type 1 diabetes is a complex disease that affects every aspect of a patient's life, often beginning from a very young age. Health-care professionals are tasked with creating individualized, flexible treatment plans to optimize blood glucose control while accounting for diabetes complications, psychosocial factors, and the developmental stage of each patient. This updated edition of Medical Management of Type 1 Diabetes presents the latest guidelines for the comprehensive management of this disease and practical strategies to improve patient outcomes. The eighth edition features: The latest developments in insulin administration, pump therapy, and CGM; details about adjunctive therapies in type 1 diabetes; updated information on the management and prevention of complications; information on diabetes self- management education and support and psychosocial care"
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