The Theory and Practice of Item Response Theory

Image of the book cover for 'The Theory and Practice of Item Response Theory'
Author: R. de Ayala
Publisher: Guilford Press
Publication Date: 2022
ISBN 10: 1462547753
ISBN 13: 9781462547753
eISBN: 9781462548774
Edition: 2nd
Noted for addressing both the "hows" and "whys" of item response theory (IRT), this text has been revised and updated with the latest techniques (multilevel models, mixed models, and more) and software packages. Simple to more complex models are covered in consistently formatted chapters that build sequentially. The book takes the reader from model development through the fit analysis and interpretation phases that would be performed in practice. To facilitate understanding, common datasets are used across chapters, with the examples worked through for increasingly complex models. Exemplary model applications include free (BIGSTEPS, NOHARM, Facets, R packages) and commercial (BILOG-MG, flexMIRT, SAS, WINMIRA, SPSS, SYSTAT) software packages. The companion website provides data files and online-only appendices. New to This Edition *Chapter on multilevel models. *New material on loglinear models, mixed models, the linear logistic trait model, and fit statistics. *Many additional worked-through examples. *Updated guidance on software; now includes R, SAS, and flexMIRT.
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