ESSENTIALS OF NURSING RESEARCH: APPRAISING EVIDENCE FOR NURSING PRACTICE Appraising Evidence for Nursing Practice This title has been archived.

Author: Denise Polit, PhD, FAAN, Cheryl Beck, DNSc, CNM, FAAN
Affiliation: Humanalysis, Inc., Saratoga Springs, NY & Griffith University School of Nursing, Brisbane, Australia
Publisher: Lippincott Williams & Wilkins
Publication Date: 2014
ISBN 10: 1451176791
ISBN 13: 9781451176797
eISBN: 9781469866390
Edition: 8th
This eighth edition of Essentials of Nursing Research, written by AJN award-winning authors, along with its accompanying Study Guide for Essentials of Nursing Research, student learning ancillaries, and instructor teaching materials present a unique learning-teaching package that is designed to teach students how to read and critique research reports, and to appreciate the application of research findings to nursing practice. New to this edition: - New text organization with separate sections on quantitative and qualitative research offer greater continuity of ideas to better meet the needs of students and faculty. - New online chapter supplements for every chapter expand student's knowledge of research topics. - New chapter on mixed methods research, which involves the blending of qualitative and quantitative data in a single inquiry, responds to the surge of interest in this type of research - Increased emphasis on evidence-based practice (EBP) especially in the areas of asking well-worded questions for EBP and searching for such evidence guides the reader from theory to application. - Enhanced assistance for instructors with numerous suggestions on how to make learning about—and teaching—research methods more rewarding. -New interactive critiquing activity, available on thePoint website, brings the Critical Thinking Exercises from the textbook to an interactive tool. The new format makes it easy for students to respond to the series of targeted questions about the Research Examples. Responses can be printed or e-mailed directly to instructors for homework or testing.
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