TNM Atlas

Image of the book cover for 'TNM Atlas'
Author: Ch. Wittekind, H. Asamura, L. Sobin
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date: 2014
ISBN 10: 1444332422
ISBN 13: 9781444332421
eISBN: 9781118695623
Edition: 6th
This book presents the illustrated version of the TNM Classification of Malignant Tumours, Seventh Edition, promoting the uniform application of the TNM classification in cancer practice. Now featuring beautiful, useful full-color medical artwork, this book is designed as an aid for the practical application of the TNM classification system by illustrating the T and N categories in clear, easily understood graphics. The aim of this presentation is twofold: to reach a more standardized understanding and documentation of the anatomic spread of tumours, and to further enhance the dissemination and use of the TNM classification.
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