Prostate Cancer Expert Advice for Helping Your Loved One

Image of the book cover for 'Prostate Cancer'
Author: Neil Baum, MD, David Mobley, MD, R. Key, MD
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Publication Date: 2023
ISBN 10: 1421446006
ISBN 13: 9781421446004
eISBN: 9781421446011
Edition: 1st
An illuminating guide for those newly diagnosed with prostate cancer as well as their partners and caregivers-one filled with extensive details about diagnosis, treatments, and tips for thriving. The second leading cause of cancer death for men, prostate cancer affects more than a quarter of a million individuals in the United States each year. Most men with prostate cancer will go through the journey from diagnosis through treatment and beyond with a partner and family members by their side. But there are few resources available that address the needs of both those with cancer and their loved ones who want to help. Written in accessible language and backed by the latest scientific research, Prostate Cancer covers - symptoms, diagnosis, and testing; - the full range of treatment options available; - practical tools partners can use to assist their loved one; - advice on managing the side effects of treatment, including incontinence and sexual problems; - tips to help cope with the emotional challenges associated with cancer; - recommendations for keeping healthy with diet, exercise, and mindfulness; and - insights into insurance issues. With three leading experts in urology, surgery, and psychiatry as its coauthors, Prostate Cancer provides the information and guidance you need to better understand the disease, communicate with health care providers, and support yourself and your loved one through treatment and survivorship.
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