Essentials of Clinical Research This title has been archived.

Image of the book cover for 'Essentials of Clinical Research'
Author: Stephen Glasser
Affiliation: University of Alabama, Birmingham
Publisher: Springer Nature
Publication Date: 2008
ISBN 10: 1402084854
ISBN 13: 9781402084850
Edition: 1st
This book is designed to provide the "student" interested in clinical research a foundation upon which to build more advanced study. The book focuses on clinical trials, in contrast to the many excellent textbooks that address epidemiological research. With the recent interest in patient oriented research, this book should provide a knowledge base that is not necessarily covered in other texts. Chapters discussing the FDA's role in clinical research, Data Safety and Monitoring Boards, Postmarketing studies, the use of placebo controls, and a focus on clinical trials illustrates this point. In addition, new types of clinical research are evolving, and as such, this book discusses genetic, pharmacoepidemiologic, and implementation research. Finally, chapters on tips on how to write a grant, the mentoring process, and how to present ones research results are unique to this book. .
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