Textbook of Head & Neck Anatomy

Image of the book cover for 'Textbook of Head & Neck Anatomy'
Author: James Hiatt, Leslie Gartner
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication Date: 2010
ISBN 10: 128420961X
ISBN 13: 9781284209617
eISBN: 9781284456837
Edition: 4th
Now in full color, the Fourth Edition of this classic text combines concise yet complete coverage of head and neck anatomy with superb photographs, drawings, and tables to provide students with a thorough understanding of this vital subject. This edition contains basic anatomic information not found in other specialized textbooks of head and neck anatomy. It details structures of the oral cavity from an oral examination point of view to promote the practical application of fundamental anatomic concepts. Other features include Clinical Considerations boxes that highlight the clinical significance of anatomy, a discussion of the anatomic basis of local anesthesia and lymphatic drainage, and an embryological account of head and neck development.
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