Pharmacology for the Prehospital Professional

Image of the book cover for 'Pharmacology for the Prehospital Professional'
Author: Jeffrey Guy
Publisher: Jones & Bartlett Learning
Publication Date: 2020
ISBN 10: 1284041468
ISBN 13: 9781284041460
eISBN: 9781284041675
Edition: 2nd
Fully revised to meet current guidelines, Pharmacology for the Prehospital Professional, Second Edition offers a complete and practical understanding of pharmacology in the prehospital setting.The Second Edition provides a unique problem-based approach to ensure that you, as a prehospital provider, are prepared to effectively administer the drugs your patients need. Clinical scenarios present case information just as you will learn it in the classroom and encounter it in the field. By placing each drug in its relevant context, this text teaches you to identify the proper drug for a specific patient in a specific situation.
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