Rheumatology Board Review

Image of the book cover for 'Rheumatology Board Review'
Author: Karen Law, MD
Affiliation: Emory School of Medicine, Atlanta, US
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Publication Date: 2014
ISBN 10: 1118127919
ISBN 13: 9781118127919
eISBN: 9781118475942
Edition: 1st
Comprehensive Rheumatology Board Review is an up-to-date, detailed, yet concise board review book in Rheumatology aimed at rheumatology fellows and recertifying attending physicians. The book highlights the latest advances and new standards of care, supported by current citations in the medical literature. Each chapter employs an outline format to efficiently convey a maximum amount of material, accented by simple schematics, radiographs, and tables when necessary. The entire book is designed to be read from start-to- finish over the course of a weekend to feature the most high-yield topics covered by the Rheumatology Boards as offered in the USA. However, as most of the topics and the order in which they are presented are based on international standards and guidelines, there will be interest in this book from outside the USA. Currently there are no Board Review books targeted specifically for graduating Rheumatology fellows sitting for the boards for the first time, or for board-certified rheumatologists re-certifying for the boards. The only resources available are (1) lengthy textbooks, (2) rudimentary review books aimed at medical students and residents, and (3) Rheumatology Secrets, a 600-page Socratic- style question-and-answer book widely used by fellows for board review but known to be unfocused, out-of-date, and blatantly incorrect at times. Comprehensive Rheumatology Board Review therefore addresses a genuine unmet need.
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