Advocacy for Public Health Policy Change An Urgent Imperative

Image of the book cover for 'Advocacy for Public Health Policy Change'
Author: Harry Snyder, JD, Anthony Iton, MD, JD, MPH
Affiliation: University of California, Berkeley, CA
Publisher: American Public Health Association
Publication Date: 2020
ISBN 10: 0875533132
ISBN 13: 9780875533131
eISBN: 9780875533148
Edition: 1st
Improving laws and policies start with advocacy and now more than ever this new book, Advocacy for Public Health Policy Change: An Urgent Imperative will be instrumental in training public health practitioners and students to turn their expertise into sound policies and laws. It will help these readers in these five key areas: - Address the growing need to turn knowledge into better health policy. - Offer a step-by-step planning and implementation framework for public health advocacy campaigns from start to finish. - Expand professional development and satisfactions opportunities for the field. - Improve service delivery. - Improve health outcomes.
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